Thursday, June 5, 2008

Suggestions for the Blog Roll

I'm finally getting caught up on my favorite blog reading, and I've also discovered a few new ones that I really like, too.

First up, Muata Kamdibe. He was recently featured on FitNation over on CNN, same place I was back in February. His website, Mr. Low Body Fat's Blog, is very motivating, not to mention Muata is easy on the eyes ;)

Next, DietGirl. I was THRILLED when Shauna Reid posted a comment yesterday on our Refuse To Regain blog. Shauna is the author of "The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl!" and the blogger in charge at DietGirl. Shauna is a fabulously successful maintainer, plus she has a great sense of humor. She reminds me that I don't have to be so freaking serious about weight all the time.

Who are your must-read weight-loss or maintenance bloggers? Any informational websites you visit often? I'd love to expand my blog roll to include some of your favorites. As always, post a comment or send me an email.



  1. My favorite is yours of course Lynn. But I will try these out also. Thanks for keeping us motivated.


  2. Just found your blog - how inspiring! My favorite blogs are:,, and Morgan Gets Thin.

  3. Yes- I second that: and and of course- you Lynn. Love all of your blogs/sites.

  4. these are my favorites: I am sure they are on your roll already:

    and of course, yours, and than :

  5. I've got a few fave blogs, too! :)

    Oh, heck, just about any of the ones listed at my links blog are GREAT! ;)

    GREAT BLOG, Lynn! Keep up the fabulous work you are doing.

  6. I like the healthy food blog I Ate a Pie (

    And, to toot my own horn, may I suggest The Skinny (, which just was awarded second place in the blog category by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors!

    Toot, toot!

  7. Thanks for all the great suggestions!! I've added a few and some of your suggestions were some of my favorites, too. Great minds think alike!