Thursday, August 26, 2010

Publicity? You Want Publicity? Here's My Publicity :)

For this blog, I direct you to my new page: "Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?"

I've wanted to put together a list of my publicity for new readers of Lynn's Weigh for some time now, but I've dragged my feet. Why I don't know. Maybe because it all feels kind of...gauche. I mean, I'm very grateful for the publicity because it's helped build a "community of weight losers" of which I'm honored to be a part, and I've "met" so many people who want and strive to change their physical and/or emotional well beings.

There's just something about the singular focus of publicity that makes me uncomfortable. Behind that smile is a lot of anxiety. The same anxiety I've fought for years. "Am I good enough?" and "I shouldn't be here" and "Who do you think you are, Lynn?" are the lines I fed to my head whenever I faced a camera. Yet something inside me said, "Shut up!" and I did it anyway.

Sometimes the best thing we can tell ourselves is to shut up. Shut. Up. Only then can we procede to do what we strived to do in the first place.

Here's to striving, my fellow weight losers. May you find your face on Oprah or People or Today or in your own "I Did It!" diary some day. It's all...ALL...possible.


Jane said...

Lynn--I am so grateful that you have put this page together. It is an immense source of inspiration for those of us still struggling with weight loss, as well as those in maintenance. I love your blog and your honesty about your journey. There's no need to feel "gauche" or anxious about any of this. To answer your self-imposed questions: You are good enough; you should be here because you ARE here; and you are Lynn--blogger extraordinaire--a generous person sharing a very personal journey that is paving the way to a better life for so many of us living in the quiet desperation of obesity. Thank you.

Sharon said...


Whatever changes you made to your blog page, KEEP them because finally I can comment!!

Keep up the great work on your recovery. I know therapy is getting very old, but your determination has gotten you this far, this fast (although it probably has seemed like an eternity)!

Jenny said...

I enjoy every time you write. I've only "known" you a few weeks, but I adore you. You give so many people courage to keep on, keeping on. And I want to see all of your publicity! Blessings in all of your tremendous accomplishments!

Cassie the daughter said...

Mom, you should always be proud of your accomplishments. Especially when it makes you a loser. :)