About Me

On January 1, 2005, at about 300 pounds, I stopped eating so much and started paying attention to what I was putting in my mouth. By February 2, I'd lost 15 pounds. Needing a little more discipline, guidance and accountability, I joined Weight Watchers online and from there lost an additional 155 pounds, reaching my goal weight in March 2007.

It wasn't the first time I'd lost weight. Oh heck no! According to a British study, by the time a woman reaches age 70, she’s been on 104 diets and spent a total of 10 years counting calories. A quarter of the women admitted that despite their attempts to lose weight, they didn't lose anything at all, and 41 percent said they felt they were constantly on a diet

I am those women. I’ve trekked up and down the scale between 128 and 300 pounds for the last 30 years, spending a total of five years dieting, 20 years gaining, and four years hanging around some goal weight that seemed like the right scale number at the time.

This last time IS the last time because I approached weight loss differently. I finally understood that if I wanted a permanent change in my body, I had to make a permanent change in my attitude. Head before body.

After keeping the beginnings of this attitude change and last weight loss to myself, I began an online journal of my weight loss in July 2005 after losing about 50 pounds. No one but my doctor and me knew what I weighed and the numbers felt intangible and scary. But I grew tired of that albatross and so I launched Lynn's Weight-Loss Journey, complete with numbers, and immediately I felt lighter. My weight was no longer a secret. It was, and still is, what it is: a number. It's not who I am.
Who I am is a mother, grandmother, writer and a perpetual student of the idiosyncrasies of and the deeply personal and finger-like impacts of weight.

To learn more about my ever changing/morphing/weight-loss, weight-maintenance and body image philosophies, scroll down this page and on the right you'll see links to various blog posts.

You can also find Lynn's Weigh on Facebook. Every day we "discuss" various aspects of weight loss/maintenance and life in general. There's bound to be one or more people there with whom you'll find things in common.

I hope you'll find something useful in my words, perhaps some inspiration or just a kindred spirit. Whatever you take from Lynn's Weigh, I hope it helps you in your own journey.


Amy said...

Hi Lynn. I've happened on your blog - and I saw your before pics. I too don't actually see myself as I really am. I remember me at some pre-baby weight - where if I look at the pics I get mad at myself - because I thought I was fat then... Anyways - I know those fat pics are hard to look at and stomach - I certainly don't care for mine! BUT - you look like a really great friend and woman who lights up the conversation. And you still do. Thank yo for this blog - it's very motivational for someone who's about to throw in the towel(me!). I don't want to spend my whole lifetime struggling with my weight and not being happy with who I am... That's always been my point of view in this - I just need the motivation and support. Thanks for providing a substantial blog for me!

Lisa said...

I just saw you on WD. Congratulations on your weight loss journey! You should be very happy. I used to be 250 pounds. I lost 110 pounds and I am sooo happy I did it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there :) I just came across your blog and wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. I'm just starting on my own and it's a rough road some days. It's inspiring to know I'm not alone in this and reminds me that I can have success too. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I stumbled upon your story from Yahoo. Let me tell you something, you are an inspiration for sure! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. You really should be VERY proud of all of your accomplishments. It takes A WHOLE LOT to do what you did. I know ,trust me! I still struggle to this day. :( I am 40 years old and I have been dieting from the age of 11, if you can believe that. Spent most of my life on diets that never worked because I would only gain the weight back. :(

Reading what you said about how it starts with the "head first then body" is SO true. And of course, over all life-style change! Recently, I started to change my life because I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Slowly but surely, I am losing the weight. I need about 80 pounds to lose.

I have a question for you. One thing that is a HUGE concern is when I lose the weight, how will my stomach look like? I am a mother to 4 kiddos and I so worry about this every second of every day. Did you resort to any type of procedure or was it all natural? If you don't mind me asking. Of course, you don't have to answer me if you don't want to. :)

I simply would like to know if there are women out there like me who worry about what they will look like AFTER the weight loss.

But anyway, you look GREAT and I know you have heard it many times. But seriously, Lynn, you look AMAZING and never forget that. You are a true motivator. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I find your blog very insiprational...I just hope I can find the balance between my mind and my body. It makes a lot of sense that you must like yourself within before you can like it outside...never looked at it form that angle...I will be back to read more as I need the support...I have turned myself into a recluse since my divorce and in my reclusive state i have gained 80 pounds in 10 years...I just pray it won't take me that long to lose it...I just need to find the strength to complete this task in my life...

susan said...

Hello! Your before & after photo's are so amazing I use them for encouragement & now I see you have a blog & its the best Christmas in July gift ever! Thank you for reaching out to those of us still struggling. And your kids & grandkids are gorgeous! God bless!